Image credit: © Brian Gratwicke / CC-SA BY 2.0 - commons.wickimedia.org

General terms

General information - Encyclopedias

The information provided within Pocket Marine is striclty that from experienced reefers and general information available to obtain a common ground for how to care for the species included.

Although we are 100% behind the information we provide on all of the species within the app and highly advise any users to use our information as a level recommendation, we cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise from taking our advice. ie. We advise that "Species A" can go with "species B" without an issue, but you then have issues, we cannot take responsibility.

These are living animals, and all living animals have their own character, meaning no two will act identical. We are to be taken as a general rule of thumb.

User inputted data

Pocket Marine does not store any personal information. All of the information you enter into the app is stored on your devices local hard drive. This is an intentional feature to prevent the need for requiring sign ups or asking for user information. This day and age, too many apps/websites want your information and we are trying to avoid any of this as best we can. For this reason, we currently do not back up any data and its highly adivsed to email yourself a copy of any important tests taken (The app has the ability to email test results). We are experimenting with ways to back up data without the need for any user information but this feature is not live yet.

Image creditation

All images used within the app are credited at the bottom of each page the image exists on. 

Live app issues

Although we test vigorously before the release of every version update, some issues may slip through. We update the app very regularly with new features and bug fixes and any issues we are made aware of are fixed as soon as possible. If you have any issues, please do reach out to us, either via email or social media and we will have whatever it may be rectified as soon as possible.