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“I have to say i am amazed to see you actually changed what i suggested in my previous review, you have my respect! I tried many different apps but this one is absolutely the best for my reef tank”

Absolutely perfect app

- Lajtning021


“I reeally like this app. Has a lot of information on hand about different inhabitants. It would be nice if we could turn off some test if you dont use them so they dont show up when you email. It would also be nice to be able to sync between multiple devices. Auto tank calculations would be a nice additional feature”

Nice App

- Anthony.Bastian

United States

“Great app, very interactive, looking forward to more updates!”

Amazing app!

- ylan the Mexican


“Great app i bought today first of all i contacted the developer to ask a question, he replied very fast and a nice honest chapgreat value for money the app is very well designed and easy to use, great job”

Takes all the stress out of keeping a reef tank everything's to hand

- Fryie101271

United Kingdom

“Its a good app. Worth the price. I only wish they had a settings page where you could change the dark background to white with black type. Its difficult to read in some light conditions”

Good but...

- 85242reefman

United States

“Fantastic app, very professional and informative. Worth every penny. A dosing calculator would make this app exceptional”

Brilliant App

- Greg.Lynes

United Kingdom

“This app has been fantastic for keeping all of my test results! Great UI and simple to use. Two suggestions from me, currently you can editan individual dates results to reorder them but id like to be able to make the re-order happen across all of my results. Even using haptics to holds and drag to re-order would be better than individual scroll down menus. Secondly, the graphs for results have the latest results on the left running with the oldest to the right. Every graph and table we read runs left to right with the current result being on the right. Thanks and keep up the great work and updates!”

Great for record keeping!

- Chris Nixon

United Kingdom


I use the app lots of times when im in the LFS to check details for fish and others. Great database. One question: I use the app on my iPhone and iPad but data does not get transferred from iPhone to iPad (ie fish that was bought etc.) Is there a way to accomodate this? Keep up the good work!”

Great app anywhere



“This app does everything. It is so easy to keep track of it all. Worth every cent1 Definitely needs to be checked out”

Worth the money!! Its perfect

- Robbierayjr

United States

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“Just started my reef hobby and i find this app one of the best out there. I tried a few but stopped looking for other apps once i found this. Hope the developer keeps updating it with more content and features”

Best UI and tools

- uPersonify


“Love the app, but hoping creators will add a wish list! I want to be able to favorite fish”

Add wish list!

- Ld5469

United States

“Absolutely awesome app. Only disappointed because i wanted to create an app with very similar information but as this is so awesome no need!”

Amazing but disappointed

- Saiyan0147

United Kingdom

“Love how easy it is to track my levels”

Great tracking app

- ZDL3

United States

“Great app, works well. Just wish it had a dosing calculator”

Love it

- Bob

United Kingdom

“Lot of useful information”


- n6 saab

United Kingdom

“Great app, very helpful as a beginner in marine side of things. All i would say is it would be a bonus if there was a way to sync between a couple of devices or do a log in for the diary etc. as i have it on my iphone and iPad and to update the list of what i have in the tank has to be done on each seperatelybut thats something that maybe in the future?”

Worth every penny

- J Soper

United Kingdom

“Love this app and have been using since restarting (2 months) from a fallow tank of 2 years. Have been using the app to document tests, list fish wish list and other important research. Can i sync my phone and iPad version?

Update: Quick response from developer that there is a plan to allow syncing between devices in the near future. Very satisfied here.”

Love it but have a question

- Gkwjmb

United States

“The app is very helpful but when i click on the soft corals tab the app crashes

Edit: The developers were very helping in helping me fix the issue and now the app is fully functional. This app is a must have in terms of keeping track of your reef.”

Very Good

- Meme yeet banana

United States

“Of Marine inhabitants just superb, highly recommended”

Amazing A+++

- Bone117

Saudi Arabia