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Tank tests

27 of the most vital parameters for home reef aquariums

Testing the parameters in your water is the most important part of the hobby.

Wether you are just starting out, or have been a seasoned reefer for years, we all at some point need to test our parameters. Many of us do on the spot tests and once they are done we know our levels are in range and they are then forgotten about, but this can be a problem when an issue happens, as the majority of issues related to water chemistry can take a while to show With no way of going back over past results, it becomes extremely hard to see where the issue lies

Keeping a log of your parameters in one place to view as and when can be vital to knowing the chemistry in your water and often highlights unstable conditions that overwise would not be seen. Pocket Marine allows for 27 of the most vital, commonly tested parameters to be logged, together with a trends graph allowing you to plot each parameter individually to highlight any stand outs.

 Temperature  •  Salinity  •  Ammonia  •  Nitrite  •  Nitrate  •  PH  •  Calcium  •  Magnesium  •  Alkalinity  •  Phosphate  •  Iodine  •  Strontium  •  Silica  •  Boron  •  Iron  •  Sodium  •  Potassium  •  Copper  •  Nickel  •  Zinc  •  Aluminium  •  Chromium  •  Lithium  •  Beryllium  •  Mercury  •  Cobalt  •  Cadmium