Pocket Marine is an essential tool for all marine aquarists. We offer a great deal of information on a vast amount of marine fish, invertebrates and coral. We aim to help you as hobbyist, stay well informed with all the information you need to care for and successfully keep a beautiful and thriving marine aquarium at home. We have over 400 species of fish, 60 species of invertebrates and more than 40 species of coral with more being added regularly, each with a quick tips section for on the spot reference and a detailed information section to know as much as we can offer about each species.

Much more than just an encyclopedia of species, Pocket Marine offers plenty more essential tools that are almost a must have for marine aquarium keeping :-

• Encyclopedia of Marine Fish

• Encyclopedia of Invertebrates

• Encyclopedia of Coral

• Tank detail tracking

• Aquarium Testing Journal

• Trend / Graph plotting for your test results

• Inhabitants Journal

• Scheduled Notification for Reminders

• Compatibility of Species

• Essential Calculators

• Water Change Log

• General Maintenance Log



Graph Analysis - From within your tank journal you can view a graph for all of your results. With a graph plotting your last 6 tests taken you can compare and see how stable your aquarium is or exactly what needs to be amended or tweaked. Stability is key when it comes to home reef aquariums and knowing how your tests measure up against one another is a vital key to successful reefing.

Tank Test Journal - Help keep track of your vital aquarium tests and when they were performed, and makes them accessible at all times. Ranging from the standard ammonia, nitrite and nitrate down to sodium, lithium or cadmium for those that prefer the in depth scientific testing, we are almost certain we have a place for all marine aquarium test results.

Inhabitants Journal - A handy way of keeping track of when and how species were on the day of purchase or before, allowing you to keep important information such as where a species was purchased, were they showing any stress signal signs, approximate size, quarantined and much more.

Scheduled Notifications - An easy way to remind yourself of that vital water change in a weeks time, to manually dose calcium or simply to clean the front viewing panel. All in a simple viewing table with a countdown to your upcoming notifications.

Species Compatibility - One of those overlooked parts of the hobby. Check here to ensure your existing species will generally be OK with that new purchase you are eyeing up.

Calculators - Bringing 4 regularly used equations at the touch of a button. Calculating things such as water volume and water weight is now easy as a touch.

Water changes Log - Often a painful process, more so for the recording of them rather than the doing them. Our water change section gives you the ability to store your water changes with all of the vital details such as amount changed, salinity before and after and even percentage of the aquariums water changed. We also have an automatic reminder for those slightly forgetful aquarists who need a nudge to remember when the next water change is due.

Maintenance - Often one of those, jot down on paper moments. Maintenance jobs such as dosing or cleaning are often one of those that need to be maintained at certain intervals. Our maintenance section logs each task performed by date so we shouldn't miss any future tasks going forward.

Pocket Marine brings you the most vital information on aquarium know how and aquarium tracking, directly to your device

Species encyclopedia

With other 800 commonly found species of Fish, Invertebrates and coral within the app, theres almost no species you cant find when looking for the correct information to understand the requirements for your next inhabitant

Testing results log and trends

Keep track of all of your aquariums test results and view a graph of trends to help keep the stability of your aquarium where it should be

Inhabitants diary tracking

Keep track of the inhabitants you have from information ranging from date of purchase to price paid

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