28 categories of fish

Fish keeping is not the only part of the marine aquarium hobby, but for most, it is the main, essential part that entices us into this adventure. One of the main issues when it comes to visiting fish stores, tends to be impulse buying. Being put on the spot and seeing a beautiful species of fish before your eyes but not quite knowing whether it is right for your tank and other inhabitants is a pain. This, together with so many stores being lazy when labelling the correct species can often be troublesome when buying fish. Pocket Marine was created predominantly to take this trouble away. With an intense library of species detailing all the relevant information, there is almost no reason to be left purchasing a species that may not be right for your aquarium.

Pocket Marine consists of 28 fish categories. These range from the ever popular clown fish or surgeon fish down to the less sought after frog fish, for example. Once a species has been identified via its identification picture, you are then presented with multiple in-depth details to help you decide if this choice in inhabitant is right for you.

  • The Latin name - Although not an essential detail, it is often important when it comes to inhabitant choice as many species are aggressive to others, of the same genus
  • Minimum tank size - This is our recommended minimum tank size to successfully keep this species long term. This takes into account the species in questions average maximum size as an adult, the type of movement this species will make and the area one covers, needs to swim for a healthy, successful long life
  • Temperament - One of the most important factors when it comes too keeping fish. Will your next inhabitant be troublesome and cause future issues through aggression
  • Care level - All individual fish will have their own personalities, but here we give a general idea of how easy or difficult the species in question will be too care for successfully
  • Diet type - It goes without saying that it is highly important to know exactly what types of food your next inhabitant will require
  • Maximum size - The average maximum size the species in question is likely to reach in the wild. Although in captivity many fish will not reach this size, it is of high importance that we are able to accommodate their maximum wild size regardless if they do reach this or not
  • Reef safe - When housing fish together with corals it is essential to know what species may try to nip, eat your beautiful coral collection
  • Common ocean habitat - Where the species in question is most likely to be found in the wild. Many species of fish can be found on various reefs across the world, we just define the most common oceans to see said species
  • General information - Ranging from a brief description of what the individual species in question may look like for easier identification to a detailed description of what the overall species may be like when acquiring one
  • Feeding - As fish are individuals they may not all act the same when feeding is in question. Here we breakdown the expected appetite of the fish in question and whether any difficulty should be expected when feeding
  • Summary - The overall opinion of us here at Pocket Marine for what is expected when caring for the species in question. It is important to remember that although all information provided is as close to facts as possible, all individual species will have their own personality and may well act entirely different within your aquarium, it is a general guideline only

Know your inhabitants

Fish keeping for most can be an easy task. We are essentially looking after water, rather than the fish themselves, once this is kept in check the majority of fish will be simple to care for. The key to water / fish keeping is knowledge though. Whether you have been in the hobby for 30 years or just starting out, reading everything you can before committing to a purchase is of high importance. Pocket Marine aims to make this job simpler for you. By directly putting the majority of the more key factors into your mobile / tablet device, more time can be spent reading up on others experiences to know if the next inhabitant you choose, is the correct one for you and your home ecosystem

The essentials for fish

Knowing the essential details about your fish inhabitants is of up most importance. A healthy tank is one that is peaceful and has an ecosystem that is all in sync and thriving. Pocket Marine will give you the correct information, in hand, at all times to make this possible. It is unfortunately a common occurrence for many people to have lost an inhabitant due to being misinformed or sold the wrong species, to suit their tank

Information is key

Although many LFS should be trusted enough to relay the correct information back to us, the majority just want a sale. Dont rely on others knowing what we as fish keepers already should. With Pocket Marine you can rest assured you will always have the correct information at hand when needed